Dawn in Kinderdijk

After a quite long absence, it’s finally time for a new post. I spent the past weekend wandering in the Netherlands looking around for some windmills and tulips.

With its 19 windmills, and listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kinderdijk is a wonderful place for some landscape photography: starting the weekend there hunting for some nice shots at dawn has been a natural choice.

In next posts I’ll show you more about the rest of the trip… stay tuned for some pictures from Lisse and Noord Holland!


Top of Europe

I’m finally back with some pictures I took during my ski-holiday in Chamonix, on the French side of Mont Blanc (or Monte Bianco, as we Italians would call it on our side 🙂 ).

I spent most of the time on ski tracks, however I couldn’t help but bring my camera in the backpack whenever the weather would allow it.

The pictures posted here have been taken on two very special days. The first set has been taken from the top of Aiguille des Grand Montets (3295m), the highest tip of the ski resort bearing the same name.

Map of the valley and the Mont Blanc massif.

Map of the valley and the Mont Blanc massif.

From up there a magnificent view opens in every direction: looking East the shiny white Argentiere Glacier sprawls from ramparts of Mont Dolent (3823m) down to the Chamonix valley, skirting Aiguille d’Argentiere (3901m) and Aiguille du Chardonnet (3824m). To the South, the view is completely dominated by the towering 4122m of Aiguille Verte, while as you move your sight to the South-West the panorama opens up to reveal the massive complex of Mont Blanc, which with its 4810m is the highest mountain in Europe. At the opposite side, from North to South-West, lies the Chamonix valley with the towns of Argentiere, Chamonix and Les Houches, backgrounded by the massif of Aiguilles Rouges.

I took the second set from atop the Aiguille du Midi (3842m), a peak in the Mont Blanc massif which can be handily reached from Chamonix via a stunning cable car. Panorama from Aiguille du Midi is even more breathtaking: looking South-East, from one side to the other and as far as one’s eye can see, countless mountains and peaks crowd the view in the distance (including two of the most beautiful mountains in the Alps: Mount Rosa and Mount Cervino), while the huge mass of the Mont Blanc is towering to the South. Down below the huge Glacier du Geant and the Vallée Blanche fill the sight of a sparkling, shining white. Behind you, nearly 3Km below, lies Chamonix on the bottom of the valley.

Winter’s sunset on Trasimeno lake

Yes, still a couple of pictures from past december in Italy: but I promise… they’re the last two!

Here, I was on Trasimeno Lake’s shore waiting for the sun to go down. Actually, I either must have waited too much, or the sun was hidden behind the clouds, since there’s no sun left in the pics 😉

I took these pictures with long exposure times to capture the last sunlight on the lake and emphasize the quickly changing weather conditions.

Glances on Köln

Sometimes even northern Europe endows us a crystal clear winter day.

Ok, I must admit that this year the winter has been particularly good until now, and this circumstance hasn’t happened seldom as usual.

Was due to this atypical weather benevolence that, a couple of weeks ago I decided to seize the day for trip to Köln. Of course I couldn’t help but bring with me my trustworthy camera…

Christmas eve in Perugia

I know, this post is actually coming a bit late… still, it’s nice to look back at pictures from the past christmas holidays.

So here is a glance on a peaceful Christmas night in Piazza 4 Novembre, in Perugia city center. The first two pictures are classic views of the square from top of S. Lorenzo Cathedral steps: is possible to see the Fontana Maggiore in the foreground, with Palazzo dei Priori dominating the square and part of Corso Vannucci, the main avenue of city center, leading to Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Italia. In the wide angle view you can also see some of the cathedral steps themselves, and the bronze statue of Pope Giulio III.

The third picture is again taken from Piazza 4 Novembre, but this time a narrower perspective tries to run along Corso Vannucci, to finally reach Piazza Italia and the ferris wheel in front of Carducci Gardens.

Last 2013 sunset in Assisi

The past May I found myself in Assisi standing before St. Francis Cathedral and a stunning painted sunset in the background. At the time I only had my smartphone camera at hand and I could only take a couple of casual snapshots, which were then posted here.

I never forgave myself for having not brought my DSLR with me that day so, when a really nice and sunny winter afternoon came out on the past 31st of December, I couldn’t help but run there to catch the last sunrays of 2013 gleaming behind the beautiful gothic building of the Basilica.

This time I was fully equipped, and while the sunset in itself was not as magnificent as it had been in May, the Cathedral and its court were adorned by a Christmas tree and a nativity scene, providing for a very nice Christmas atmosphere…

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Hiking in Norchia, etruscan necropolis

Norchia (english wiki here) is an archeological site not far from Vetralla, Lazio whose first settlements dates back to prehistoric ages. It reached however his major development during the Etruscan civilization who built the necropolis on a cliffside.

During the roman age the site knows a decline, yet the Cava Buia – a trait of road dug by etruscans into tuff rock, climbing into the cliff to reach the overlying plateau – was still in use and was part of the Via Clodia. This via cava (excavated road) extends to a length of about 400m, with a maximum depth of 10m.

Along the old Via Clodia’s track, in medieval age new settlements arose and Saint Peter’s church was built. Nowadays only the apse and part of the northern walls remain of the building. Not far from S. Peter’s church is still possible to see the medieval remains of the city walls and the northern gate, where Via Clodia exited from, descending towards the Biedano creek and the Cava Buia.