Amazing Greece: Zakynthos

After a couple of days of sailing with no wind at all, we finally reach Zakynthos in the afternoon of the third day. Our first stop is the Shipwreck (or Navagio) beach, on the western coast.

The beach is named after the shipwreck of the MV Panagiotis. As the story goes, the boat was actually a smuggling ship: in 1980 the Panagiotis was making its way from Turkey to Italy with a cargo of contraband cigarettes when, pursued by the Greek Navy, tried to hide in the bay notwithstanding a quite rough sea was mounting. Because of the stormy weather the ship ran aground on October the 1st 1980, and there was abandoned by its crew. Nowadays the place has become a well known tourist attraction.

Throughout the day the beach and the wreck are crowded with people brought there by several boats tours, and while the direct light emphasizes the stunning, brilliant turquoise water of the bay the hard light and the crowd are not the ideal conditions for a good landscape shot.

For this reason, after we moved south in the nearby Porto Vromi for the night, I decided to rent a fast boat to take me back to Navagio beach, to shot some pictures at sunset.

Unfortunately, because of the orientation of the bay, the sunset is not directly visible from the beach; anyway it’s almost impossible to describe the amazing colors and atmosphere of the place in words.

I only had little more than half an hour to spend on the beach: I would like to have had more time, but sea outside the bay tends to become quite rough at night, and because of the very small boat we were on, the captain pressed me to be fast to avoid problems coming back to Porto Vromi.

The following day we continued sailing skirting Zakynthos coasts and visiting beautiful bays and sea caves on the west coast, before sailing north to spend the evening and the night in Agios Nikolaos, on the east coast. Again, the beauty of the island was simply stunning…


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