Amazing Greece: Kefalonia

Blue sky, an even bluer sea, sun and wind: these the ingredients of a week spent in southern Ionian Sea sailing among Greek islands of Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Ithaca and Atokos.

A small cove on the northern tip of Kefalonia has been the first stop of the trip. Headed south to reach Zakynthos in the following days, we stopped there in the afternoon and then stayed for the night.

The cove was completely solitary and dark at night, and the terse sky showed a stunning milky way just above our heads. I had the opportunity of landing on a small beach, where I was able to take a panoramic shot of our shiny galaxy. The panorama is quite unusual, since it’s something about over 180 degrees taken vertically from the horizon line looking toward the sea, and ending on the opposite side, toward the pebbles beach.

Kefalonia, Milky Way panorama

The day after we continued sailing south skirting the coast, stopping in wonderful places to bath in the crystal clear water, before berthing for the night in a bigger bay.


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